AESIR has a different pricing model, as a non-profit club we are interested more in being accessible so we look at dropping the subscription for long standing members who have all their own gear.

It is our way of saying thank you for investing in your own equipment and development.

If you are currently on STUDENT and want to move to this pricing, so can do so by logging into the site and changing your subscription, but please verify with your instructor prior to avoid it being denied.

Click here to subscribe as a NOVICE

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Lower your monthly subscription by having all your gear.

We encourage our students to get their minimum equipment as soon as possible and we will help you though that path, ensuring you can get the suitable equipment at the cheapest price.

This the first subscription for basic gear which allows you to safely spar in a friendly freebout with broadswords.  Protecting your head, hands and forearms.’

Minimum Equipment includes:

  1. Fencing Mask
    • we recommend getting a mask cover as well
  2. Protective gloves suitable for broadsword
    • Blitz Kali gloves or Red Dragon HEMA gloves are a good start)
  3. Forearm protection.
    • SPES forearm and elbow protectors are excellent, but the elbow might be uncomfortable without a jacket.
  4. AESIR tshirt.
    • MSG tshirt is fine as well.

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