New students have an option of Introduction classes, with two running each quarter of the year.

These classes run with 8 weeks of material, with additional weeks to verify the developing skill of student and set goals to fill any gaps in competency.


AESIR does not have the grading system common in Eastern Martial Arts; we are focussed on developing and acknowledging Skill Competencies.  We look for gaps in a students knowledge and put in place strategies to fill these gaps leading a sound foundation.


AESIR uses choreographed drills which follow a progression of the following actions:

  1. Partner A “attacks”
  2. Partner B responds to the attack with the “Remedy”.
  3. Partner A responds with the counter to the “Remedy” (called the “Counter-Remedy”
  4. Partner B responds with the counter to the “Counter-Remedy”.

These are done in drill cycle of the following actions:

  • Action 1
  • Actions 1,2
  • Actions 1,2,3
  • Actions 1,2,3,4

So at the end of the cycle, you swap who starts with Action 1.

So at the end of a paired cycle you have practiced.

  • Action 1, four times;
  • Action 2, three times;
  • Action 3, two times;
  • Action 4 once.


These are not covered in the Introduction classes, but time permitting will be introduced at the end of a teaching term.
Once these drills are established we can start introducing the variations. Examples may include.

  • starting further away
  • starting with a different cut.
  • starting in a different stance/guard.

As proficiency in these variations develop we raise the difficulty again with combining these together, this gradually turns into freestyle bouting.

The reason for gradual approach is simple.

We want you to succeed!

The complexity of your use of the sword grows as your proficiency does.  You will be always seeking to raise the difficulty up to a level where you succeed often enough to feel your growing skills, but not enough that you feel overwhelmed.

We want you to learn!

Keep the complexity at a level that you can sense what you have right, and what needs improvement leads you the student knowing what you need to learn.

You can take this knowledge and apply in your own self-directed learning, if that is not working then we are there to help you.

Learning comes from you wanting to improve, not passively listening.
So AESIR facilitates the learning experience over dictating it.

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