Our classes on the Foundations of Swordsmanship is based on the works of George Silver specifically focused on English Shortsword in the Elizabethan period but the concepts explained by Silver are timeless.

George Silver (ca.1560s – 1620s) was a 16th – 17th century British nobleman and fencing enthusiast.

In 1599, Silver published his treatise Paradoxes of Defence and dedicated it to Robert Devereux, the Earl of Essex and Saviolo’s patron, vastly amusing as he had some serious issues with Saviolo.

Silver uses “paradox” in context of argument and in this work he speaks against the popular rapier, detailing what he sees as flaws in its instruction. Unpublished was second volume, entitled Brief Instructions upon My Paradoxes of Defence,  explaining his own British fencing style.  But it is left uncomplete.

MSG has been teaching Silver since the beginning and was the the first source MSG used to teach in 2003, it was based upon the interpretation of Stephen Hand of Stoccata School of Defence.

References include

  • Swordplay in the Age of Shakespeare: Vol. 1 George Silver, it is video produced by Stephen Hand is the most concise introduction of Silver available.  It is available for download and it the time of this page it is only 19.95AUD.
  • English Swordsmanship: The True Fight of George Silver (Stephen Hand, 2006)

  • Master of Defence:  The Works of George Silver (Paul Wagner, 2003)

Other Melbourne Schools teaching Silver are Fitzroy College of Arms.

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